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So why call this “Milk and Cookies”? April 30, 2008

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I love having milk with cookies.  To me that’s one of life’s best desserts.  Warm, freshly baked cookies along with a glass of cold, cold milk.  Yum!  Totally satisfying.  Especially sometime at night, not too far away from bedtime.  Is there anything better in the whole wide world?

But it got me to thinking… the Bible talks about how we should “desire the sincere milk of the Word.”  If the Word of God is being compared to milk, there is significance to milk and what it does for a person (besides being the best drink to have with freshly baked cookies).

Milk is the first source of nourishment for a newborn.  It contains everything the young child needs to grow into a healthy human being.  It is easy to swallow, and is typically not hard on the digestive system.  A mother’s milk is also slightly sweet to the taste, so the newborn usually enjoys it.  I’ve not met a newborn yet that doesn’t partake in some form of milk, either from the mom herself, or from a cow, or a goat, or even from a plant (soy milk).  So milk is a necessity for the newborn babe.

The funny thing about milk is that even after the child has learned to eat solid foods, it is still required as part of a wholesome diet.  Children of all ages should drink milk.  Parents try to get their teenagers to drink milk.  Older men and women are encouraged to include milk in their diets as well.

So if the Word of God is called “sincere milk,” then that must mean that it can provide all that we need to grow as a Christian.  Plus, a regular diet of the Word of God would mean that we are getting a continual flow of good spiritual “nourishment” which should keep our growth steady and constant, right?

That’s why I decided to call this site “Milk and Cookies.”  This site is dedicated to providing small “meals” of the most basic of scriptural truths, as a source of nourishment for all of us, whether we are newborns in the kingdom of God, or older children of God.

But, I’m sure you want to ask, what about the cookies?  What exactly is a cookie in the Word of God?

Well… cookies are… fun!

A “cookie” is a small sweet cake, usually flat, and can either be chewy or crisp.  That’s the technical definition of a cookie.  But what a cookie is to me is that little something that is the perfect finish to a meal.  Or it’s just the thing to satisfy a sweet tooth, without going overboard and overeating.  Cookies are yummy, cookies are sweet, cookies are special and fun to eat!

So what would be a “cookie” in the Word of God?  Those verses that help to remind us that we are special in God’s eyes.  The cookies are the verses that remind us that God is for us, and not against us; that God loves us no matter what; that He rejoices over us, and that He enjoys us!  Cookies are the things in God’s Word that say, “You know what?  You’re My child, and I love you.”

So there you have it.  MIlk — those basic truths from God’s Word that we all need in order to grow and mature in our faith, and Cookies — those special things that God says to us, to remind us that He loves us so much.

So come join me at the kitchen counter as I put out a plate of cookies each week, and serve up a glass of milk.  And if you have a comment or two to share, that would be great!

Until next week, God bless!

The Cookie Lady


Hello world! April 26, 2008

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Well, as the title states, “Hello, world!”  I’ve finally started this site.  Thought it’s very much “under construction” at the moment.  Please check back because a lot will be changing here, and hopefully soon!

God bless all who enter here!