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In Honor of the Moms of the World… May 10, 2008

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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 In honor of Mother’s Day, I felt inspired to write a modern day version of Proverbs 31:10-31.  I have always enjoyed reading that passage of scripture, and yet I always felt like I never did measure up to all that it mentioned.


Most of us do the very best we can, and realize that we’re not going to be perfect.  There are some of us moms, however, that really get frustrated or depressed when we can’t make things work the way we would like.  We get irritated with ourselves when we mess up, we condemn ourselves when we forget things, or lose things, or drop things, or whatever.  Yet in all honesty, we are too harsh on ourselves.  We need to remember, in the grand scheme of things, we do an amazing job of creating life and of helping life to continue on.


My mom is every bit a Proverbs 31 woman.  She is amazing.  Always has been.  And I owe a lot to her, for her teaching, training, encouragement, love, but especially for her zest for life.  She’s the hardest worker I know, and yet she could make even the most tedious, time-consuming tasks seem like fun.  She’s the one that taught me how to paint window trim, and it’s still my most favorite part of painting the interior of a house.


But let me keep things in perspective.  My mom has always been a miracle worker, true, and made life so wonderful for us kids.  However, there was one saying in our house while we were growing up that no one ever forgot: don’t forget the bread.  Blessings over meals were always said with everyone on the edge of their seats.  Why?  Simple! Mom always left the bread in the oven.  Always.  So once the “Amen” was said, someone would jump up and run to the oven, to rescue the bread before it burned!  Typically, Mom would always beat everyone else to the kitchen, and would come back to the table with piping hot rolls.  But she did burn the bread more than once, and that’s why we all sat through the blessing on the edges of our seats.  It just became part of our family tradition. Don’t forget the bread!


Mom is older now, a great age of 84, and is losing her memory.  But my memory of her will always remain.  She is the female hero of my life, the voice in my head, exhorting me to move forward and not give up, the echo from my past that reminds me that yes, a clean house makes for a peaceful home, that flowers make a yard smile, that cereal is best eaten with bananas, and that you always have a reason to laugh, even when you don’t feel like it.


Thanks, Mom.


Proverbs 31:10-31 A Modern Day Version


Who can find a wife that excels in what she does?  To find such a wife means you have found a priceless treasure.  She is someone who can be trusted, someone who would never betray her husband, not in attitude, word, or deed.  She would never do anything that would cause him to suffer loss of any sort.  She does good things for him, and never does anything bad to him, for her entire life.


This woman is wise in how she shops, always looking for the best deals.  She watches the paper, and keeps up with what’s going on in the retail markets.  When she goes to the grocery store, she has a keen eye for discounts, and shops frugally and wisely.  She’s not afraid to approach the butcher for the particular cut of meat that she needs.  Bringing home food from the grocery store is a treat, because she has the satisfaction of knowing that she has found the best prices and stayed within the family budget.


She may work into the night on things that need to be done, but it is not a burden to her, for she knows that she is providing for her family.  She learns how to provide food that they enjoy, while also making healthy choices for what they eat.  She doesn’t put things off, but instead makes a schedule and sticks by it, or makes a “to-do” list and completes the items on the list as quickly as possible.  She provides a place of peace and rest that feeds the souls of her husband and children.


She may work a job, or she may learn a trade, or she may be a stay-at-home mom, but whatever her position in society, she learns how to handle different types of business transactions with finesse and ease.  She works well with money, spending what needs to be spent, yet saving what needs to be saved.  She considers the future when making purchases, and doesn’t think only about immediate gratification.  Consequently, she can make money “stretch” in many ways.


This woman takes good care of her body.  She exercises regularly, eats properly, and sleeps well.  She also takes good care of her spirit, and her soul.  She prays regularly, and reads her Bible, and spends time with the Father.  She strengthens her faith by fellowshipping with others of like faith, and she doesn’t allow herself to gossip or criticize.  She knows that what comes out of her mouth determines how she will be seen by others, so she guards her words and chooses them carefully.


She is kind and compassionate, and always thinks of others before herself.  She takes care of the needy and shows concern for them.  She makes sure her family’s needs are met as well, taking into consideration what might be needed in the future.  Likewise, she makes sure that her own needs are met; yet she keeps these in perspective.  She rarely puts herself first, yet she knows that if she ignores her own needs, she won’t be able to meet the needs of others.


She carries herself with dignity, though she is not prideful.  She establishes herself by her wisdom and honesty, by her love and kindness.  Because of her good reputation, her husband is able to have a good reputation as well, at his job and within the area where they live.  Through all these qualities, she affects great things in this world for the kingdom of God.  The praise she earns is well deserved, for she follows her God with her whole heart. 


Blessings to all moms everywhere, for you make this world a better place. 🙂





1. Lin - May 11, 2008

We would be nowhere without our Moms, God bless them all.

2. thecookielady - May 11, 2008

How true, how true. And now we get the awesome responsibility to follow in their footsteps!

May God bless us all, as well.

3. Crzsabas - May 17, 2008

“Let her works praise her in the gates; give her the work of her hands.”


4. thecookielady - May 17, 2008

Yes, Amen!

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