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And All I Can Do… July 18, 2008

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals, Prayers.
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Father, I have two friends…

And neither friend can see that he has built up a wall around his heart.  Neither can see that he is refusing to let the other friend in.  Neither is willing to talk about the past, to deal with past hurts, to get past… the past.  And so they continue on with their individual lives, and act like everything is fine.  But I know things aren’t fine.  I know that they need to deal with this!  But I can’t say anything.  I’ve already tried.  They won’t listen.

So, all I can do… is pray.

Father, I know someone…

Who is hurting, so hurting, deep down inside.  And it shows in everything she says.  Her voice is filled with bitterness and anger and resentment so thick.  And yet she says she doesn’t want anything to do with religion, or anything to do with a god that she’s not sure even really exists.  After all, if God really did exist, then why would He ask her to go through the horrible stuff she’s had to go through?  At least, that’s her take on life.

And all I can do… is pray.

Father, I’ve met someone…

Young enough to be my son, who has the quick wit of the best stand-up comedians.  He can laugh off the worst of days, and still keep plugging on.  He makes me laugh, and he’s fun to talk to.  Though we’ve never met face to face, I bet he would be a great person to know.  I know my husband would enjoy knowing him, and talking about computers with him, since that’s what both their jobs involve.  Still, he drinks.  And he’s lied to me about how much he drinks.  So I’m concerned.  Granted, he’s just a kid, but he’s decided that religion is not for him, and he’s decided that he is the owner of his own destiny.  But I think about what might happen if he drank too much one night, and didn’t make it home alive to sleep it off.  The thought sends chills down my spine, because I know he doesn’t know You, Lord.  And I want him to know You, so much…

Still, all I can do… is pray.

Father, there are so many…

So many that don’t know You, that You’ve brought into my life.  So many wonderful people, so many hurting souls, so many shining lights.  And oh, how I long for them to know You!  How I long for them to know the REAL You, and not the “god” that people have built in honor of religion.  So many of these that You blessed me with, won’t darken the door of a church, simply because they’ve been led to believe that they will never be good enough for You, or they’ve been led to believe that the Christian life is nothing more than rules and regulations, or they’ve been led to believe that you don’t really exist.  And all I can think, is how Heaven will be so much more empty… with them not there…  and it hurts, Father, to think about them not being there… with me… and with You… and I know it hurts You, too.

But… I can pray.

Yes, Father, I can pray.  I can answer the call that You’ve placed on my heart. 

I can pray and believe that somehow, some way, You will move on these lives and turn them around.  You can place people across their paths, and speak words of life to each one, words that I don’t have the opportunity to say, that will somehow show them that life’s too short to have walls erected to keep someone out. 

I can pray and believe that You can change circumstances, and heal past hurts, and wash away bitterness and anger and resentment so completely, that the only thing that can be said is, “it has to be God!  God was the one that worked this out for me!” 

And I can pray and believe for protection, and also for an awakening, that life is too short to risk losing it over a drink…

Because after all, he’s only a kid, Father.  He’s just barely begun to live on his own.  And he thinks he’s got the world by the tail.  And oh, how quickly and easily the world can whip back around at someone, just like a tail, and strike them with a deadly blow…

So, please, Father, teach me how to pray.  Please… please… teach me how to pray, and how to believe that You want the answer to these prayers so much more than I do!

Today’s Cookie :
“If  ye shall ask  any thing  in  my  name,  I  will do  it… I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” John 14:14, 18



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