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One More Soul Has Entered the Kingdom! August 1, 2008

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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Wednesday night, July 30, was an awesome night!


I’ve been talking to our younger son for quite some time now about becoming a Christian. He loves going to church, and he loves worshipping God. But I knew he had never made a solid decision to accept Jesus. Needless to say, I’ve been concerned about that.


But the concern didn’t start a few months ago. Many years ago, when we lived in another city, I had a dream. In the dream, Josh, our younger son, was sitting alone on the couch in our living room. It was late at night, and the air had a very sinister feel. The front door to the house was open.


And the rest of us were gone.


He was sitting there, petrified, tears rolling down his cheeks. That’s the only thing I saw in the dream. A very eerie, sinister picture, to say the least.


I knew the dream was significant, and related to Josh’s need for salvation. Even though we had already been praying for Josh to come to that decision, this dream brought his need to the forefront in a way I can’t describe.


See, Josh’s situation makes the whole process of salvation a little interesting. Two years ago, Josh was diagnosed with PDD. That’s “Pervasive Development Disorder,” which also includes two conditions called Autism and Asperger’s. It a very broad spectrum of things, and there are lots of symptoms for all the conditions. Other things can be a part of the mix too, like Sensory Perception Disorder, and learning difficulties, especially verbal comprehension difficulties.


We were told when we had Josh tested that he was… “a puzzle.” The real problem, we were told, was that Josh didn’t fit anywhere on the whole PDD spectrum. He displayed some characteristics of one type of disorder, and he displayed other characteristics of one of the other disorders. So the doctors haven’t known how to approach Josh’s situation, because the treatments used for one won’t help the other, etc. It’s been sort of frustrating.


All we know is, Josh’s mind doesn’t process things the way our minds process things. In some things he has understanding well beyond his years. And he amazes us by the way he can put together concepts in new ways. But there are other things, simple things that totally escape Josh. So in our attempts to talk about accepting Jesus as Lord, it was clear that certain concepts just weren’t clicking. Which is frustrating, to say the least.


However, as we talked Wednesday night, I suddenly felt the Lord was urging me to “press on” and “pursue” Josh, in a very loving and patient way, of course. So we talked… for about an hour! And as we talked, the Lord did a miracle right before my eyes. I watched as the anxiety that Josh battles with just… melted away… and then he finally said:


“Yeah. I wanna do it. I wanna make Jesus my Lord and Savior.”


You can’t imagine the thrill I felt. WOW…


I asked him to pray first, which he quickly agreed to. His prayer was simple and to the point, and I knew it was sincere. Then I prayed for him, and together we thanked God for Jesus and for salvation and for forgiving us of all our sins. And the look on Josh’s face when we finished was enough to make me shout “Hallelujah!” for at least an hour. (But I didn’t do that because loud noises are not Josh’s favorite thing, though he’s like me in that he likes the car stereo up as high as is bearable… go figure…)


Have you ever pictured in your mind God sitting on His throne, watching us intently, earnestly waiting for us to make the decision that He’s been wanting us to make? Have you ever imagined His reaction when we finally do make that decision, especially when it’s a decision for salvation?


All I could picture in my mind after we had prayed was God sitting on His throne, doing a fist pump and saying, “YES!”


And Heaven erupted with a song and a shout…





1. syinly - August 1, 2008

Interesting, My youngest daughter wants to join church, but I’m not sure. My oldest daughter has no interest and I wish she would. She believes in God. I will be happy when my oldest daughter gets saved. My youngest one too, I just want to be sure she knows what it means.

2. The Cookie Lady - August 1, 2008

Keep praying for them. Keep believing that God is moving in their lives. Keep them involved in things that will keep the Word of God in front of them, and in their ears. You never know when God will touch their hearts.

3. Moose - August 8, 2008

Hi! I think we know each other in a round about jelly way. I think I’m on your jelly telly prayer team even.

Anyway, I just had to comment because my teenage son has PDD-NOS, so your blog entry found a special place in my heart. I am so happy for you guys! 🙂

4. The Cookie Lady - August 8, 2008

Hey, Moose! Thank you for visiting my site! Wow, that is so cool. I didn’t know about your teen-age son. I’ll try to catch up with you on the Jelly site. I would love to talk to you about that.

Thanks for rejoicing with us! God is SO good!

5. FlippedInsideOut - September 15, 2008

That’s awesome! God is so good!
I love your picture of how God rejoiced when Josh made that decision. We are told, in the Bible, that there is a party in heaven every time a sinner turns to Jesus. What an accurate description! =)

6. The Cookie Lady - September 15, 2008

Thanks. 🙂 I love that whole picture, too. God gets SO EXCITED every time a soul enters the kingdom, and He gets so broken-hearted every time someone says “no” to His calling. Isn’t it awesome to think that the God all of the universe, the One who created all of Heaven and earth, and who could wipe us all away in a heartbeat, has so much emotion and has such depth of feeling for His creation, and for all of us? He’s not just a Powerful God, He is a LOVING God.

If only we could get hold of that fact, that His Love for us is REAL, and His acceptance of us is ALL ENCOMPASSING, and His forgiveness of us is COMPLETE.

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