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The Jogging Lady October 15, 2008

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they really need encouragement, and God delivers.

I’ve been battling with weight loss now for months. Nine of them, to be exact.  The first three months went very well, and I was excited about it. Thirty pounds down, and I was well on my way to my goal weight.  I was starting to exercise, and I really felt good about myself.

Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. I kept doing what I knew I was supposed to do, and yet the weight just wouldn’t budge. And I know all about “plateaus.” I’ve hit this brick wall before. But for some reason, this time, I just couldn’t work past the roadblock.  I was stuck, and I was getting discouraged fast.

So I’ve spent the last 6 months, fudging and repenting, fudging and repenting. And getting nowhere, but down on myself. I want this to work! Why does it have to be so hard? Why can’t I just keep doing what I’ve been doing, and the weight continue to come down?

Well, my sons and I went on a three-day vacation last week, to the beach. It was a fantastic time, and I really didn’t want to come back. I love the beach, and this was a very quiet, secluded spot, really good for thinking and writing and just relaxing.

While we were there, we decided to go see a lighthouse nearby. I simply love lighthouses, and I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see this one. Even if we couldn’t actually go up in the lighthouse, I still wanted to drive by.

Well, lo and behold, we could actually climb the steps inside to the top! So we paid the small fee, and started the climb. It took a while to get to the lookout on top where the light is, but it was definitely worth it. The view was amazing! And thinking about it now makes me wish I was still there…

While we were at the top, a woman appeared from the stairwell, and began to circle the walkway where we were standing. After a few minutes, I heard her ask the attendant, “How many laps is that?” To which he replied, “three, I think!” Then, the woman continued walking, around and around the lighthouse. I was intrigued, so I stopped her on her next lap. “How many times do you go around this thing?” “Ten times,” was her reply.

Ten times??? I thought to myself, wondering what on earth for. And then I took more careful notice of the woman. She was obviously my age, or very close to it; her face gave evidence of that. However, it was clear to see that she was more like a Size 6 than the size that I am (which is a piece of information that I won’t divulge). Turning back around to look out over the ocean once more before we began descending the many spiral staircases, I contemplated what was really going on here.

On our way down to the level below us, we ran into this woman again. I noticed that she was heading back up to the top. So I chuckled and said, “Going up again?” To which she replied, “Yep!” Even more intrigued, I continued down with my sons, taking a quick glance upward as I saw her bound up the flight of stairs.

After just a few minutes, here she came again! This time, though, she was on her way back down, and there were a few folks coming up, so she had to stop. Realizing this would be the only opportunity that I would have, I ventured forth with a question. “Okay, I have to ask,” I said as I smiled at her. “Just how often do you do this routine?” The woman smiled and said, “Three times a week, actually.” I know my expression was what made her smile, when I replied, “Wow! That’s impressive!” Then she continued on down to the next level below us, once the other people were out of the way.

Still again, we encountered this woman, on another level, due to more people getting in her way. Seizing yet another opportunity, I asked, “So do you go up and down only once, with ten laps around the top?” Even though the other people were now out of her way, the woman graciously took time to answer my question completely this time. “Oh, no. I go up and down this thing ten times, with ten laps on top.” My expression revealed my shock and surprise, to be sure. “Ten times??? That’s incredible!!” Then she said, “Yeah, but today I’m feeling it a little bit, so I’ll probably only do eight times, and I’m on my sixth, so I need to get going.” And then she jogged away, down the stairs.

I was stunned. Here was a woman in her 40’s, to be sure, jogging up and down steps like she was training for the Olympics. And doing it in a lighthouse on spiral staircases, no less! I was amazed. So totally amazed. And then I heard a small voice inside of me:

“You could do that, too, you know.”

For the rest of the flights of steps down to the bottom, I thought about that statement, and realized the truth in it. Seeing this woman didn’t make me jealous in the least. I wasn’t discouraged at all; instead, I was encouraged. Knowing that someone else my age could look that good made me want to try again. I’d been thinking about starting a walking program, and this was what I needed to push me to begin. I didn’t need to look at models in a magazine, or compare myself to someone much younger than me. God knew exactly what I needed to see: a mom, who had lived some years, but who was taking control of her existence, and was determined to fight the affects of age, and beat the odds against middle-aged spread.

So I emerged from the lighthouse, with some illumination into my own situation.

Yeah, God. I get it!

Today’s Cookie  Crumb:


 “Only, as the Lord has assigned to each one, as God has called each, in this manner let him walk.”
1 Corinthians 7:17 NAS




1. homedawgeducation - October 22, 2008

nothing worth it is free or easy!

2. The Cookie Lady - October 22, 2008

How true, how true. And I fight the constant battle against discouragement, too. Battling extra weight is a battle that must be fought on so many fronts at one time, and it’s hard to win this battle without some outside encouragement or accountability. I just hope the Lord will keep the image of The Jogging Lady in my mind for a long time to come!

Speaking of which, I think I’m going to go outside and walk… 😉

3. Lisa - October 28, 2008

Oh my sister how I loved this blog! I hear you…and I feel your pain. I have lost 80lbs over the last year and I have hit that plateau which makes me soooo darn frustrated, too. Keep it up. We can be each other’s support. Size doesn’t matter, it’s all about health. I am back on weight watchers now, and feeling more in control because i can eat more realistically. Anyway I can help you, I am here. Everything within limits. I have one sugar free DOVE chocolate every other day. 🙂 Life is too short to not eat chocolate, for heaven’s sake.

4. The Cookie Lady - October 28, 2008

Lisa, you are SUCH a sweetheart! Thank you! 🙂

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