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A Little Boy in the Snow February 11, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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It was a beautiful day.

My son had been begging for snow.  “When is it going to snow, Mom?” he would ask, over and over again, with such longing in his voice that it almost broke my heart.

So last Monday, when the snow started coming down, even though I really didn’t want snow, I couldn’t help but enjoy my son’s excitement.  The first really good snow of the season!  I think it snowed close to 6 inches in some areas, but definitely 4.  Enough for playing and sledding, making snow angels, and having lots of good snowball fights.

Donning our “three layers” of clothing, to include ski pants and warm coats and gloves, we headed out the next morning, to enjoy the winter wonderland around us.  The sky was a perfect blue, and the snow-covered trees against that sapphire sky was a sight to behold.  Fun was to be had! And we poured ourselves into every moment.

I have to admit, it was fun being a kid again.  Well, acting like a kid again…

But I’m not as young as my son, and I don’t have the energy he has.  So at one point, I sat and just watched him as he played.  He was so focused, and so engaged, and so… in… to what he was doing.  You do understand what I’m saying, don’t you?  As far as he was concerned, there was nothing else around him that mattered.  It was just him… and the snow.

Suddenly, a light dawned somewhere deep within me.

See, I’ve been struggling with a verse in the Bible.  It’s not a troublesome verse for most, but recently it has been for me.  The verse is in Psalms, and it says, “He rescued me, because He delighted in me.”  This past summer, while reading that verse (a verse I’ve read countless times before), it suddenly dawned on me: I don’t know what that means.  What does it mean for God to delight in me?  WHY would God delight in me?  What is there to delight in?

I know it sounds like a really negative opinion of oneself, but it was a question that I could not answer.  What does it mean to delight in something, or someone?  I just didn’t know how to answer that question, and it troubled me. 

I have never felt like anyone in my entire life has… delighted… in me.  (That’s not to say no one ever did.  But perception is a very strong thing.  What we perceive to be true is our reality.)  So I don’t have a benchmark, a standard, to measure this by.  There is no way for me to compare what this means about God, to any relationship I’ve ever known.  I know what the word “delight” means.  According to any dictionary, the word delight means “to take pleasure in; to enjoy.”  But I just couldn’t fathom Father God taking pleasure in me, or enjoying me.  And this was troublesome to me.

The Hebrew definition for the word translated as “delighted” in that verse means just what it says: “to delight in, to take pleasure in” but it also means “to be pleased with” and “to desire.”  And I knew all these things.  Yet it didn’t click…

…until I saw a little boy, playing in the snow.

For my son, at that moment in time, nothing else existed.  The snow was all that mattered.  His total focus, total concentration, total thought process, was on the snow.  It was almost as if the snow had become his world.  All of his responses, all of his reactions, all of his senses, were focused on the snow.  I would even venture to say, that if it had been possible, the snow and he would have become… one.

And then it clicked.  He’s delighting in the snow.

Like I said, a light dawned somewhere deep within me.  And as I watched my son “delight” in the snow, I suddenly realized that’s how God sees mankind.  That’s how God sees all of us, His children.

And that’s how God sees me.

I am… His focus.  I am… the focus of His thought processes, His reactions, His responses, and His senses.  He is intently engaged with who I am.  In my life, there is nothing else that matters to Him.  I am His world.  And I could say that He and I… are one.

But the NEAT thing is, in your life, that’s exactly what you are to Him!  You are His focus, the center of His thought processes, His reactions, His responses, and His senses.  In your world, there is nothing else that matters to Him.  And if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you and God are… one.

And to top it all off, He enjoys us!  That’s right, He enjoys us.  We get so bent out of shape, thinking that God’s angry with us and is ready to “kill us all” because we’ve sinned and done things that He doesn’t want us to do.  Oh, it’s true, sin is wrong and we shouldn’t be involved in it.  And it’s true, there are consequences for sin, just like there are consequences you give your kids when they misbehave.

But God enjoys us.  We give Him pleasure.  And if we could really grasp that concept in our heart of hearts, we would be so excited and so engaged in that concept, that it would probably keep us from sinning.  I mean, why would you want to hurt the feelings of someone who desires to be with you and who enjoys you as much as Father God enjoys us?

It’s a long process, coming from a position of not knowing what “delight” means, to fully walking in a position of knowing that God enjoys who I am, and desires to be with me, and takes pleasure in me.

But after watching a little boy playing in the snow…

Keep talking, God.  I think I’m getting it.


 Today’s Cookie  Crumb:

“How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!  Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you.” Psalms 139:17-18



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