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Jack and Faye… and don’t forget Clay! June 28, 2009

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Life has a way of being a fun ride, ya know?

Through my good friend Rich, I have been the recipient of many good acquaintances which are turning into very good friendships.  I am indeed blessed.

Four of these fine friends I had the opportunity to meet, last weekend on my trip to Kissimmee, Florida.  One of them is Connie, Rich’s wife, and I would love to tell you about her again, but she might fuss at me for that.  <smiles>  So in this post, I will tell you about the other three. 

First there’s Jack and Faye.  They were my companions on my very first commercial flight.  As a matter of fact, Faye is the reason I took the flight.  She found out that tickets to Orlando were exceptionally inexpensive through two airlines, so she emailed me and told me I should take advantage of the wonderful prices, so I could travel to see Rich and meet Connie.  I am eternally indebted to Faye for thinking of me.

Faye is a writer.  I have had the opportunity to read one of her books, and it touched my heart deeply.  She has a wonderful writing style, very heartwarming and down to earth.

But more than that, Faye is someone who loves God with her whole heart, and loves serving God through working for her church, and helping other people.  She is diligent and energetic, and has such a positive outlook on life.  But even more than that…

Faye is… (more…)


An Element of Grace June 26, 2009

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There’s this thing about raindrops.  When a raindrop falls into a bucket of water, it can’t help but cause ripples across the surface of the water.  And left unhindered, those ripples will reach all the way out to the edge, or rim, of the bucket.  In other words, (more…)

It’s Kis-sĭm-mee. Get it right! June 26, 2009

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It’s Kis-sĭm-mee.  Not Kis-seem-mee.  But Kis-SIM-mee.  And I will practice it, until I get it right, because it’s the hometown of some friends of mine, and it’s a wonderful place. 

You know… there are only few places in the world, in my opinion, that are worth dwelling in.   The town where I went to college is one.  Rumor has it that a man from France — a painter — was travelling across the United States, came to the little town where my university is located, and stopped for a few nights.  Rumor also has it that this man decided after a few nights in this little town, that he would stay for six months.  Rumor further has it that he then decided to live there, indefinitely.  And his comment to everyone was, “you should live here, for at least six months, so you can truly experience this place.”

Well, Kissimmee, Florida, is one of those places you should live in, for at least 6 months.

It has totally changed my perspective of Florida.  (more…)

Life Comes In Layers, You Know… June 23, 2009

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I will never look at clouds the same way again.

I, the Cookie Lady, flew for the very first time in my life, this past weekend.

Yes, it’s true!  I’ve never flown commercially before.  Never trusted someone else with my life, that high off the ground.  I would rather learn to fly so I could take myself on a trip! 

However, I had an opportunity to visit a dear friend from college, plus meet his wife, and the excitement totally outweighed any nervousness I felt.  So I stepped onto my very first Boeing 717, as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Take-off was GRAND.  I giggled and grinned broadly, as the force of acceleration pressed me into my seat.  “Sweet!” I thought, as the plane lifted off the ground. And then the feeling of… (more…)