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Disappointments Hurt, but God is still God June 11, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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This is supposed to be a devotional blog, so I know I should always try to write something positive.

However, sometimes… I just can’t.

I received two disappointments this morning, back to back, within seconds of each other.  And my heart is broken, and my soul hurts, and there are tears that I can’t seem to stop.

And I wonder, God, what are You doing with me?  Why would You let this happen?  Only to show me that I don’t matter?

But I know that’s foolish, because these disappointments didn’t come from God.  Why He allowed them, I don’t know, but I know that He didn’t cause them.  There is a difference.

There are two choices that we can pick from, when disappointments come.  One, we can run to God, and cry on His shoulder, and tell Him how hurt we are.  Or two, we can become offended at God, and turn away from Him, thinking that He has abandoned us, and believe that He doesn’t care.

[UPDATE:  As a dear friend so graciously pointed out in the comment below, there is a point I failed to mention, which is a third option:  We can trust God, which we are to do in all things, and believe that He can work all things to our good.  This is promised to us in Romans 8, and is something we should always remember.  God is not out to get us, He is not out to ruin our day, and even when bad things happen, He is still in control, and He still loves us, and He will still use the bad as well as the good, to work in our lives.]


I know that God is still God, even when I get disappointed.  And I have to be honest, the two disappointments I just received?  They sting badly.  They hurt VERY badly.

And I wonder… did these happen to crush me to the point that I can’t believe anymore?  Did they happen because I’m getting ready to receive the biggest blessing of my life, and if I wallow in these disappointments, then I’ll miss this blessing?  I won’t see it?  Or did they happen because God is trying to help me see my place, help me die to myself, and help me focus on other things?

Right now I don’t know. 

But I know how I’m going to find out.

I’m going to go get alone with my God, and cry on His shoulder, and tell Him how I feel about all of this — not because He doesn’t already know, but because I need to be willing to confess what’s on my heart, as ugly as it may be.  And right now, the feelings I have are the ugly ones: anger, disappointment, resentment, pain, and such.

And I can bet He’ll have something to say to me, something that I’ll need to hear.

So… how do you handle disappointment?



1. Rich - June 11, 2009


So sorry to hear where you are. You already know that the Father is the source of the resolution of your grief, and that the Comforter always does.

The option you forgot was to trust God, and to believe that he works for good through all of these episodes. He is in this case, just as He does always.

I’m praying that His solace comes to you quickly, that you do not suffer much.

2. The Cookie Lady - June 11, 2009

Good point, Rich. Thank you. As you can see, I updated the post to bring in your thoughts.

3. The Cookie Lady - June 11, 2009

update for those of you who read this:

Yes, God did speak this morning when I cried on His shoulder. He directed me to Psalm 118, a psalm that I have read often while praying for a friend’s healing. This time, however, the message was, “Give thanks.” So, in spite of my tears, I give thanks to God for all of His many blessings in my life. And I ask Him to help me to remain humble, holding my tongue so that I say only those things that He would have me say, to show His love to all I come in contact with. He will take care of my disappointment, and He will carry me. In this I find solace, and in this I find rest.

4. syinly - June 11, 2009

Sorry about your disappointed. I am thankful you were able to gain something from that and share it with others. Yes even when we are disappointed He is still God.

5. The Cookie Lady - June 11, 2009

Thanks, syinly. YES, He is still God! Blessings to you!

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