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The Fathers in My Life June 17, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals, Journeys.
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This coming Sunday is Father’s Day, a day when people honor their dads, their brothers that are also dads, and possibly cousins or uncles… that sort of thing.

This post, however, is not about the dads I am connected to through physical family connections.  This post is about other “dads” that God has placed in my life, wonderful Christian brothers that have spoken great wisdom to me over the past 4 years.

First of all, there’s my pastor.  He’s a man of integrity and honor, and someone I know I can trust.  I can talk with him about anything, and know he will listen carefully with compassion, and will give advice without judgment or criticism.  He is extremely patient, very approachable, and always willing to help.  He has a very positive attitude, and encourages others to have the same.  Plus, he trusts God and it shows in how he handles situations. His sermons are full of wisdom for everyday living.  I know I am a better person today through what I have learned from him in the last four years.

Then there’s our associate pastor, who is the worship director of our church.  He is also a man of integrity and honor, and one I can trust.  He loves to worship God and it shows.  He is a talented musician, and encourages others to use their gifts and talents for the Lord.   He has helped me get over past insecurities concerning my musical ability, for which I am very grateful.   He is a very patient person, always willing to listen to others.  Like my pastor, he’s also a very positive person, and has great faith in God.  I enjoy listening to him preach from the Word as much as I enjoy our pastor’s sermons.   

Next, there’s my friend from Georgia.  He is a constant source of joy to me.  He loves to ride his bike; he calls that his “God time” which he uses for prayer and fellowship with the Father.   He’s an encourager;  when I’m down he reminds me to not give up but have hope, and to remember God’s got things taken care of.  I watch how he handles the situations in his life, and I can tell you that he is very responsible and above reproach in every way.  He truly leads by example.   

Then there’s another pastor that I listen to.  I’ve never met this man, or talked to him, but I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to sit in a service and hear him preach in person.  His sermons are so anointed!  Each lesson is challenging, and some cut to the heart, yet God uses each one to speak something specific I need to hear.  Through his sermons, I learn to be a better follower of Jesus, a better wife, mother, sister… it’s been life-changing in fabulous ways.  One of the things I like about this pastor is his honesty about his own life experiences.  He shares from the heart as he preaches from the Word of God, and the combination of the two give clear evidence that he walks with God very closely.

Then there’s my friend in Florida.  I have been touched deeply by the attitude with which he lives his life.  He lives the Word of God, and he can teach from God’s Word with clarity.  His words of encouragement are comforting.  He challenges me to be a mature Christian in all ways.  He pushes me, in a good way, to work harder in knowing God’s Word as completely as possible.  Sometimes his words are strong and hard to bear, but I know they are graced with love and compassion.  He walks humbly with his God, and constantly encourages me to do the same.  His favorite word for me is  “patience,” always encouraging me to slow down, calm down, settle down… be humble and wait.  His favorite instruction to me?  “Do well.”  

These are all fathers in their own right, yet they are also spiritual “fathers” God has brought into my life, and I can’t tell God “thank you” enough.  Though none of them are my dad, or could take his place in my heart, each one of them has been an inspiration to me, a source of encouragement, joy, instruction, and correction, always stirring me into better thinking and better action.  My life would not be as positive right now, if it had not been for these other “dads” that I have known.

Are there spiritual “fathers” that have impacted your life in some deep way?  They may not even know that’s the position they hold, and you don’t have to tell them.  But thank God for these people He has blessed you with.  And learn the lessons they teach you, and learn them well.  Your life will be better for it.



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