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God Knows Our Hearts, Ya Know? September 5, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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I’m amazed sometimes at just how well God knows what we need.

I mean, I know He’s God, and He knows everything.  I know He knows the smallest details of our lives.  But sometimes I just don’t think about how well God really does know us, through and through, inside and out.

I especially don’t think about that fact when I’m discouraged or depressed, or just plain down.

Last weekend I had a couple of days of  “just plain down.”

I don’t get this way a lot, but I sure was last Saturday night.  And all that day.  And the Friday night before.  And all Friday during the day.

I wanted someone to pay attention to ME.  Now doesn’t that sound so baby-ish?  So I was also upset with myself for pouting, and being such a baby.  But doggone it! I needed to know that I mean something to… somebody.  I wanted to know that someone was thinking about… me.  In a special way.

I know, I know.  Get over it, Cookie Lady! Grow up!  You’re a Christian! You know that GOD loves you! What MORE do you want???  And aren’t you being a little selfish, asking God to give you something that will say you’re special??? And how can you say you’re more special than anyone else?  HUH???

I’m not saying I’m more special than anyone else.  I just needed some reassurance.  Everyone needs reassurance, from time to time.

Well, God knew my heart.  He knew I wasn’t asking for something big and spectacular.  He knew I just needed a little… extra… something…

I just needed to be reminded that He was thinking about me.

SO… late last Saturday night, someone that I don’t know very well at all, suddenly popped up on Facebook in a chat box, and said, “Hey, where have you been?  I’ve missed your comments on my page!”  I don’t know this person very well, but we’ve bantered back and forth with some jokes and puns… it’s been fun.  So to know this person was thinking of me, at that particular point in time?

I read the comment and thought, Wow, God.  Thank You.  You knew I needed to speak to someone goofy, someone who could make me laugh right now.

Then, this past Sunday afternoon after church and lunch, I come home to find a message on Facebook from someone I don’t hear from very often.  In the note, this person mentioned something from college he had remembered about me.  I was amazed at the specificity of his comment; actually, I was dumbfounded.  But once again, to hear something specific from someone who doesn’t usually write, and at this point in time? 

I sat and cried at the thought that he had taken the time to do this.  I honestly didn’t know the guy even noticed me in college.  

Once again, as I wiped the tears from my eyes, I thought, God, You’re working overtime on my behalf. I am so overwhelmed. Thank You, Father.

And THEN… as if God knew I needed “icing” on the “cake,” another recently added friend, a really special sweetheart of a person, tagged me in a note she had written. 

The note was about who visits your Facebook page most often.  There’s an application that will list the top 20 visitors to your page.  And yeah, I was on the list.  And then there were questions that were to be answered about the visitors to your page.  What this precious friend wrote about me was cute and fun, and put a big smile on my face.  She had no idea that God used her to warm my heart, and chase away the fear that I was unnoticed, unneeded, unimportant…

And again I imagined Father God leaning over my shoulder, reading the screen and saying, “Um-hmmm.  And here you thought nobody was thinking about you, and you’re not special at all.

None of these people have the foggiest notion that they were instruments in the hand of a loving, all-knowing, all-seeing, Creator of the universe, who calls me His own, and thinks ahead about all the wonderful little things He can do, just to say, “I love you even when you’re ‘just plain down’ and I’ll keep loving you, always.  And I know exactly what you need.”

Thank You, Father God.  Thank You for the little things You do, that make me feel special in Your eyes.  Not more special than anyone else, but special, nonetheless.



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