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Still Preparing… September 15, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals, Journeys.
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I’m still preparing for the lighthouse run.

Even though…

I’ve been six weeks without exercise, and had six weeks of stressful situations on my plate, and it was all things I either couldn’t help or couldn’t avoid. 

I’ve been looking at the end result of six weeks without any forward progress.  And you know as well as I do, when you’re not moving forward, you’re actually moving backward instead of standing still.  So now doubt is trying to set in.  I’m thinking, Should I still do this thing?


I’ve been mentally preparing for this run, for almost a year now.  I can see myself doing it, jogging up the spiral staircases, and gazing out at the ocean from on top, and then jogging back down, and exiting the lighthouse… victorious.

But there is also a conflicting thought in my mind, that I’ve lost too much time to be adequately prepared.  Issues in life, things that I could not avoid, took up too much time.  I have experienced that well-known nemesis called a “setback.”


by the Grace of God, I will prevail.  Because it’s been placed on my heart to do this thing, so I intend on finishing what I’ve started.

The Currituck Lighthouse will still be open in November, so if I have to reschedule the lighthouse run, then I will reschedule.  But it will happen. 

Yet I find myself wondering, God, did You intend for my plans or my schedule to be changed?  Is there a reason I need to postpone this?  Do you know something about the upcoming months that would interfere with my original plans to make this run in October?

I am reminded of a friend’s comment many months ago:  “Just rest, and let God do it.  Stop trying to make things happen.”

But we do make things happen, right?  We get ideas, we look to the future, we consider options, we make plans, and then we act on those plans!   

But sometimes life takes a turn, and adjustments have to be made.

So… I am adjusting. 

A little setback can be a good thing, if you approach it properly.  Setbacks force you to rethink your position, your plans, your reasons behind what you’re doing.  Setbacks don’t have to be brick walls that stop you in your tracks.  Sometimes setbacks test our creativity.  Just how will we continue with what has been placed on our heart?  What new ideas can be thought, that will aid in completion of the journey?

I’m sure the disciples, at first, thought the crucifixion of Jesus was a “setback.”  I mean, think about it!  Don’t you think they were hiding in the shadows, watching what was happening, thinking, “Okay, NOW what???”  Don’t you think watching Jesus die on the cross, and seeing him buried in a tomb, threw them for a loop?  See, at the time, they didn’t have the gospels to read, so they did not know the rest of the story!  I’m sure they were watching what was taking place and contemplating the end of all their hopes and dreams for ministry.  I’m sure they didn’t see any way to continue with their same “plan.”  Life was suddenly different, and they had to “adjust.”

What do you do, when your plans get changed?  How do you react, when your schedule is altered, due to circumstances beyond your control?  More importantly, how does God want us to react, and what does He want us to do? 

I’m curious to hear your responses.



1. syinly - September 16, 2009

Cookie Lady, It’s funny since I struggle with acceptance when my plans change. I still try and make it happen and then I pay a high price for making it happen. You are right you relax and allow God to control the situation it flows so smooth. It’s such a big difference.

2. The Cookie Lady - September 16, 2009

Thanks, syinly! And I want you to know how much I appreciate your visits to my blog and the comments you share. You are such a blessing! Blessings back to you!

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