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And So… I Wait… October 7, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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Well, the decision has been made.

The lighthouse run is postponed until the Spring.

Yes, I am a little discouraged, but not to the point that I am giving up.

Upon evaluating where I’m at, and what’s been happening, the wise thing to do is put it off until warm weather comes again.


I continue to train, and prepare myself even more so mentally (I’m already prepared and pumped!), and continue to be more fit than what I am now.

This is the crisis point, you know?  Do I allow myself to get so discouraged that I give up?  Or do I look to the future, and trust God that there is a reason as to why the spring would be better than now?

I choose the latter.  When things don’t work out for now, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever work out. 

It’s like prayer; just because you don’t get “yes” right now, doesn’t mean that “yes” isn’t ever going to come.  God has His reasons for saying, “Wait.”

So I wait.  But I actively wait.

And by “actively waiting” I don’t mean just keeping myself busy.  The hard part about walking out a plan is keeping yourself on course when the goal seems out of reach.  That’s where “staying power” really has to be strong.  It’s not the last 500 yards of a NASCAR race that are hard.  It’s running lap after lap after lap after lap after lap…. left turn, left turn, left turn… you get my point.  Can you continue, be constant, be consistent, during the long stretches when it all looks the same?

Yes, you can.  And so can I.

So no excuses, no reasons to quit.  It’s not over yet, and I don’t plan on giving up.

And you shouldn’t either.  For whatever reason, your plans may have to change.  Don’t give up on your dreams, your visions, your goals.  They’re still out there, even if right now they look like they’re out of reach.  Push toward them, in faith, and don’t give up!


Today’s Cookie Crumb:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.”  II Timothy 4:7



1. syinly - October 7, 2009

Thanks for the encouragement Cookie Lady and I look forward to hearing the praise report. Right now I was thinking about giving up on a lot of dreams but some things have happen recently to encourage me.

2. The Cookie Lady - October 27, 2009

Well, I hope you keep on pushing toward those dreams! That way we can hear a praise report from you, too!

Thanks for commenting, syinly! You encourage me with your kind words!

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