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Are We Doing What We Are Called To Do? October 21, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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I read an amazing post by a local pastor this morning, and I have to share it with you.

PLEASE go and read this article by Pastor Chuck Balsamo:

“Drinking Down the Cup of Anarchy”

Over the past week, I have been so burdened for President Obama.  Not angered at him; burdened for him.  There is a big difference between the two.  Do you understand what I’m saying? 

Now, when Obama gets up in the morning, he may not feel a thing.  He may tell anyone that asks, “how are you, sir?” that he’s fine, that things are progressing, etc.  He may not know or even feel that anything is wrong.

But Obama, and our government, and this nation, are all under attack.

Alongside all that, the church, the family of God, is also under attack.  If you read the statistics that Pastor Chuck mentions in his article, the numbers are staggering and the news is grave.

And if we Christians don’t step up and accept our “marching orders” everything that we hold dear is going to vaporize before our very eyes.

And what are those marching orders? 

Not what you think.

Read the following:

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways…”  II Chronicles 7:14

THAT, Christian friend, is your marching orders.  THAT is what is supposed to be foremost in your daily activity.  Top on the list.  The first thing you do.  And as one person commented on Pastor Chuck’s site, most of the time all we give to our pastors and our leaders is a half-hearted “bless them, Lord” and we don’t do anything else. 

YOU are the only one that will know if you’re really praying deep prayers over your leaders.  Only you will know if your prayers are half-hearted, lacking conviction and passion and true concern.

So… are you praying?  And if not, then I have to ask… WHY NOT?

Why would you turn your back on the one thing God has asked of you?  Praying for your fellow man is the highest act of love you can offer.  You are sacrificing yourself by giving up YOUR time to pray for someone else, who desperately needs your prayer covering.

And if you don’t think the pastors of this country, the leaders of this country, and the president of this country, need your prayers, then you need to rethink your thinking.

And how dare any of us look at God and say, “well, it won’t matter if I pray or not.  Things are too far gone.”  How dare we do such a thing! Because when we do that, we are telling God that He can’t help.  Do we honestly believe that God can’t save our nation???

I know my words sounds passionate, and even biting.  But if you’re offended, you will just have to be offended.  This is important.  We as Christians are allowing ourselves to be deluded into thinking that we can criticize and talk and berate and judge those that lead, and those that shepherd us, and we are not realizing that we are playing into the schemes of the devil himself when we do these things.  As Paul said in some of his letters in the New Testament, “brethren, these things ought not to be.” 

I know that our government leaders, President Obama included, are not doing things the way I would like.  I know that things have happened that I disagree with.  But in all of that, these are still my leaders!  He is STILL my president! And I am bound by God’s Word to pray for the man!  It is what we are ALL called to do.  We are called to pray for ALL in authority, not just those who are members of the political party we agree with.  We are called to pray for ALL of our shepherds, not just those that preach sermons we want to hear.

And if we allow ourselves to ignore that calling, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves, when this nation’s pastors and this nation’s leaders follow a path that is unhealthy for the future of this nation, this land that we love.

The call is out, the marching orders have been posted.

Are YOU doing what you are CALLED to do, Christian friend?

Today’s Cookie Crumb:

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;  Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”  I Timothy 2:1-4



1. Ly Syin - October 22, 2009

You made me think that I don’t spend enough time in prayer about leaders and I am guilty of those half- hearted prayers. You are correct as christian God has called me to do more than half hearted prayers and he has empowered us as Christians with the ability to change things through prayer and belief.

2. Chuck Balsamo - October 28, 2009

Thanks for spreading the burden Michelle… I love reading your thoughts about a topic so passionate to me. Have a super day!!

3. The Cookie Lady - October 28, 2009

Ly Syin,

I’m guilty, too, most of the time, of getting too busy and not praying for our leaders like I should. Yes, God has given us the opportunity to create major change through the power of prayer! So even though we’ve not prayed in the past as we should, we can start now. There’s still time for God to do amazing things, in our churches and in our government.

Praying with you! Let’s make a difference!

4. The Cookie Lady - October 28, 2009

Thanks, Pastor Chuck, for commenting! You have a great day, too!

5. Ash - April 19, 2010

I agree, and I am not offended, but I do want to pose this. We do not know what is in the hearts of people. Evil enters in and blurs our vision. In those cases, we need others to pray in our place until we again see the light and can pray ourselves. This I speak from experience from diving into a depression that threw me away from faith for a while. I could not bring myself to pray until later down the line with help from friends.

6. The Cookie Lady - April 19, 2010

Oh Ash, I so wholeheartedly agree! There are times when we are in positions where we can’t pray. I’ve been there, too! So this article was not directed at those who are struggling, or hurting, or are going through situations that are difficult indeed. My purpose for this article was to send out a cry to the entire Christian community that grumbling, griping and complaining, or attacking, accusing, and “assassinating” verbally is not bringing God glory and is not what God wants us to do. That was all I was trying to do. For those that are hurting, my prayer is that the Christians around them will see the need and will rise to the occasion, and be the true church as God desires.

God’s blessings upon you, Ash! Thanks for stopping by!

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