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The House That… Now Is! April 25, 2010

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Hey there, fellow bloggers and blog travelers!

Remember my mom’s house, the house that “once was“? 

Well, it was torn down, you know.  Torn down, because there was no way to just repair what the old oak tree did when it fell on the house.  When the builder took a very, VERY close look at the walls and roof, he realized that the impact of the tree had shaken the house from one end to the other. 

So… the house that I lived in for 98% of all my growing up days, is gone.  Gone forever.

And most of my mom’s stuff is also gone.

My brothers and I sorted through everything that the salvage company had removed from the house.  We went through boxes of books, and boxes of sheets, and boxes of toys and games and puzzles, and stereo equipment and curtains, and clothes, and…

… finally the furniture.

The house received two-three days of rain after the tree fell, so the furniture in the front rooms — living room, dining room, and den — was all ruined.  Gone were the comfy chairs, the dining room suite, the lamps, the mirrors, the sleeper sofa in the den, the recliner…. you get the idea.

And also gone… was my piano.


We went through all of this stuff, in just a little over 24 hours.  Mind boggling as that might seem, we did it.

If you don’t mind me saying so, that’s just a little hard to process, throwing away memories the way you would throw away dirty paper plates at a picnic.  But we did it.


The house has been completely rebuilt!  And it is BEAUTIFUL.

So, someone is going to get a brand new house!  Completely new!  We had the final walk-through of the house two weeks ago, and I was amazed.  Simply amazed.  It was so wonderful that they were able to make something so wonderful out of something that appeared at first to be such a tragedy.

Here… take a gander at this!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s thrilling to see such a thing of beauty, where so much damage and destruction had once been.

And yet… isn’t that what God does with our lives?

When we come to Him, He takes what we are, what our experiences have done to us, all the damage and all the trauma, and all the broken pieces.  He takes every room of our hearts, and starts the rebuilding process.  Slowly, patiently, lovingly, carefully, He lifts up floorboards, takes down walls, pulls up tiles, refits plumbing, and turns us into a dwelling for His Holy Spirit that is just… gorgeous.

All for His Glory.  All for His Purpose.  All according to the Master Carpenter’s Plan.


To Be (a part) or Not To Be (a part)… April 22, 2010

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Gobber: “Look the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you’re not!”
Hiccup: “I just wanna be one of you guys!”

Such a simple statement, and yet, so profound.  I just wanna be one of you guys!

In the movie “How to Train your Dragon,” Hiccup has a deep desire to be a Viking and do what Vikings do.  He longs to be a part of what everyone else is doing, to be accepted and to be included.  And yet, he can’t take part, because he can’t do what others do.  So he doesn’t feel accepted or included.

Or even wanted.

God couldn’t have timed my viewing of this movie any better. (more…)