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To Be (a part) or Not To Be (a part)… April 22, 2010

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Journeys.
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Gobber: “Look the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you’re not!”
Hiccup: “I just wanna be one of you guys!”

Such a simple statement, and yet, so profound.  I just wanna be one of you guys!

In the movie “How to Train your Dragon,” Hiccup has a deep desire to be a Viking and do what Vikings do.  He longs to be a part of what everyone else is doing, to be accepted and to be included.  And yet, he can’t take part, because he can’t do what others do.  So he doesn’t feel accepted or included.

Or even wanted.

God couldn’t have timed my viewing of this movie any better.

On that particular evening, I was having one of those “where do I fit in?” moments, as I drove my family to the theater.  The “what is my calling?” question loomed over my head, and I wasn’t coming up with any good answers.  As a matter of fact, I drove to the theater crying silently as I inwardly waged war with this question.

Why would I cry?  Let me share the list of “hammer throws” that bombarded my soul:

Tack Hammer: The piano I was going to bring home from my aunt’s house is not worth repairing, so my decision to step back into Classical Piano seems now to be a dream that will never materialize.

Claw Hammer:  Two writing opportunities that I REALLY wanted to accomplish, are not going to happen.  Very much a heartbreaker.

Club Hammer:  An online job that I really wanted to do, is not going to work.  I just can’t be two people at one time, and I can’t overload myself with extra work since I’m homeschooling my son.

SLEDGE Hammer:  An email I received asked, “WHY on earth do you want to write??”

And then, a good friend of mine wrote me and told me how God is moving in her life, and positioning her with lots of opportunities in media, and the wind was just knocked out of my sails.


Don’t get me wrong; I was HAPPY when I read my friend’s news.  It’s about time she got the chance to do what God’s been building in her!  So, I was happy — Yes, I was! — but at the same time, I wondered why I can’t be a part of media like she is.  I just wanted to be a part, and fit in.

So I plopped down in the theater seat with soda and popcorn in hand, to escape into the animated world of Vikings and dragons, to escape from the thoughts in my head (just why ARE you writing anyway? and how in the world did you think you could ever get back into classical piano?  What were you thinking?  And what could you offer the media world?  You don’t have any ideas!  and so on, and so on, and so on).

I wanted to escape from these thoughts, to forget this war for just a wee bit, but God had other plans.  Much to my surprise, He attacked these thoughts head-on, through the words of a movie that was seemingly unrelated to my current situation:

“Stop being something you’re not!”  “I just wanna be one of you guys!”

I sat in amazement.  God certainly was speaking.  So I shut up my moaning, and decided to listen, as God poured Himself into my heart through a movie about a boy and a dragon.

In Hiccup’s desperate search for a way to prove himself worthy of notice, he embarks on a quest.  He concludes that if he can meet the challenge, he will be applauded by all the villagers, especially his dad.  The only problem is, the quest takes a curious turn, and he finds himself faced with a grand opportunity to do something big, but something that is also extremely scary.  As a matter of fact, it’s considered downright impossible.  Besides, he knew no one else was going to understand, and was certain his dad would be furious once he found out. 

But… he does it anyway.

And later in the movie, one of his friends asked him, “WHY did you do it that way?”  As he struggled to answer her question, he suddenly found within himself why he is the way he is, and why he’s not like everyone else.  There is a purpose, even, for Hiccup to not be “one of you guys.”

And the Still, Small Voice spoke softly in my ear: “There’s a reason why you are not one of them.”

So, I’m not one of them.  Or one of those.  Or a part of “that” group. 

But there IS a calling with my name on it.  And it is coming into view.  And it will be in God’s timing.

It may require me to do something that no one else will understand.  I might make someone furious.  I hope I don’t, but if I do?  So be it.

Will it require me to “train the dragon”?  Don’t know.

But if “training the dragon” means that I get to fly?


Today’s Cookie Crumb: 

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11



1. Bonnie Stewart - April 22, 2010

I love it! This movie is profound. I needed the message about restitution Because the boy had a unique gift as a craftsman he could restore the tail fin of the dragon he wounded. It gave me hope to think that maybe God has given me the gifts I need to make restitution to those I have wronged–even wrongs that seem too great for me to ever right in this lifetime. Thank you for sharing this. I am glad to know that I was not the only person who went expecting a cute movie about a large, lovable lizard and came home pondering a spiritual lesson

2. The Cookie Lady - April 22, 2010

WOW, Bonnie! That is SO cool! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing how the movie impacted your life. I’m glad you stopped by and left a comment. Blessings to you!

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