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Three Little Words May 20, 2010

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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“I’m going fishing.”

Three words, that would apparently not mean all that much.  I mean, if I said those words, or if my husband said those words, no one would think much of it.  (On second thought, if my husband said those words, it might mean something because he doesn’t fish!  *grins*)

But these words said by a certain someone have significant meaning.  So much so, they were recorded for all time.

In the Bible.

By John, the disciple.

Peter said these words. 

What exactly did he mean by that comment?  (more…)


What Is It To You? May 18, 2010

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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That title up there…. those could be considered such harsh words.  I mean, has anyone ever said that to you?  “What is it to YOU?”  I mean, ouch.  Really.

But these are words that came from a man who was… LOVE.

If you don’t know the story, here it is in John 21.  Jesus ate breakfast with some of the disciples, and then had a talk with Peter afterward.  They walked away from the group to converse alone.

Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me more than these?”  Some say Jesus was asking Peter if he loved the Lord more than the other disciples did.  You know, sort of testing Peter’s loyalty.  After all, Peter denied he knew the Lord three different times, right?

But I don’t think Jesus was asking about Peter’s loyalty.  I think they walked past the net full of fish, and Jesus wanted to know if Peter loved the Lord more than he loved fishing.  So He asked Peter, “Do you love me more than… say… these?”

Peter’s response was, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you.”  But what was the look that passed between them?  What did Peter see in Jesus’s eyes that morning, and what did Jesus see in Peter’s eyes?  (more…)