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Once Upon A Time… September 1, 2010

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“Once upon a time…”

Now, when you read those four words, I bet you’re already thinking of castles and kingdoms, or of kings and villains, or of heroes and dragons and fair maidens in trouble.

But this story isn’t quite like that.

Hmm… so maybe I should change the beginning.

(thinking, thinking, thinking…)

I know! I’ll start it like this:

“Once… before time began…”

A little unusual beginning, I know, but that’s what I want you to think about. Because there was someone around, before time began.

And that someone was God.

Have you ever thought about that?  What was God doing, before He created the heavens, and the earth?

He wasn’t playing video games… (his hands are too big to hold the controller)

He wasn’t watching TV… (they don’t have that in Heaven, from what I hear)

He wasn’t listening to an iPod, or a CD, or a radio…

He wasn’t even playing sports, I don’t think.  (and, no, He wasn’t talking on a cell phone!)

So… what WAS He doing??

Well… He was doing something, right?

Yes, He was.  And I know I don’t know everything He was doing, but I know one thing:

He was thinking.

And He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought, and He thought…

…and He thought some more.

And made plans.

And made decisions.

And imagined things. (yes, imagination is good)

And considered things.

And… saw things… in His mind. (Do you ever see things in your mind?)

And saw… people.

Now think on that, for just a minute.  Before time began, before anything happened that we know anything about, God saw people, in His mind.

Close your eyes right now, and think about your mom or dad, or a close friend, or someone that you know about.  Can you see them, in your mind?  You can, can’t you?

And so could God.

The difference is… He saw people who hadn’t even been born yet.  Isn’t that cool?  Yep, God’s pretty cool.

And He could see them very clearly.  Because that’s how He is.  He can always see everything very clearly.

And one of those people He could see, before time began…

…was you.

He thought about you, and He pictured you, in His mind.

So, before we begin talking about Genesis, which is the beginning, I want you to think about before the beginning, and what God was doing before the beginning.

Because He was, before the beginning… and He was doing things, before the beginning.

Think about God, because He thought (and still thinks) about you.

Good night.



1. Cindy Navarro - September 1, 2010

That is one of the best bedtime stories I ever heard!! And the best and most amazing part is that it is true!! Thanks!!!

2. The Cookie Lady - September 2, 2010

Thanks, Cindy, for reading and for posting! Stay tuned for more bedtime stories!

3. Gina - September 5, 2010

I’m catching up reading your posts. My five-year old granddaughter keeps asking me who made God? God has to have a mommy and daddy doesn’t he? And why is he God anyway? This is at five, can’t wait until her thought processes mature!! Praying for wisdom…..

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