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And God Said… September 2, 2010

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The curtain opens for the beginning of our story, and….


That’s right.  At first… there was nothing.  Just darkness.  Just… nothing.

Not a very exciting opening to a story, is it?

But… God was there.  God was studying it all, looking at it.  The Bible says that His Spirit was moving over the face of the waters.  It actually means… “brooding.”

That’s a pretty strong word: “brooding.”

It means that He was covering the waters, just like a hen covers her eggs while the chicks develop inside. Covering them completely.

It can also mean “thinking.”  When you’re brooding over an idea, you’re in deep thought about that idea.

And the thought in His heart was… I’m going to make something out of this place.  Something beautiful. Something wonderful.  Something… extraordinary.

And so… God did something to start the whole process of creating.

He said something.

He looked into the vast darkness, the emptiness, the void called earth, and He said:

“Light…. BE!”

And guess what!  There was light!

Have you ever been in a place where there was no light at all?  You may be in a room right now where all the lights are off, but there’s still light in the room, because of the glow from the computer screen you’re reading this on.

But, just suppose, you were in a completely dark room — no light at all — and suddenly…


Someone turned on a flashlight!

It would make a big difference, wouldn’t it?

Light always makes a BIG difference, in the midst of darkness.

So… God created light by speaking it.  And then, He did something really wild!

He separated the light from the darkness.

He made a division between the two, kind of like when you choose people for two teams in a game of kickball:

“You go here, and you go over there…”

And then, He gave light and dark their own team names.  He called one “day” and the other “night.”

And the Bible says something neat right after that:

“And there was evening and morning, the first day.”

Isn’t that cool?  God created time.

He had it all planned, before He started doing anything.  Remember, in last night’s devotional, we talked about how God thought and thought and thought.  He did a lot of thinking and planning.

Remember who he was thinking about?

You. Me. Everyone who hadn’t even been born yet.

So the whole story of creation isn’t about how God decided He would show off His amazing power (which is pretty amazing, you know).  It’s a story of how He wanted to create something beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary, for me and for you and for everyone that would be born here, on this planet called Earth.

It’s a love story.  From His heart to yours.

So as you go to sleep tonight, think about how much God loves you.  Because He does, you know.

And if He is powerful enough to create the whole earth out of… nothing at all… then He’s powerful enough to handle anything you have going on in your life.

Peaceful dreams…