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And the Story Continues September 3, 2010

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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Out of His Love for mankind, God created the most beautiful place in which to live.  Think about it: the greenest of trees, and most colorful flowers, and the most fantastic animals.

And man had it all to live with, and to live in.


God came to visit with man, with Adam and Eve, every evening.

Can you imagine?  Walking with the Creator of the entire universe?? in a garden?? every single day of your life??

A plush, lush garden full of every imaginable beautiful thing…

Wow.  How could man want anything more?

And God cared enough about Adam and Eve, to explain to them the guidelines — rules, if you will — that would keep them safe and away from harm.

He’s… the Ultimate Parent… doing whatever He can, to make sure His “kids” are safe and well taken care of.

See, God cares so much about mankind, about the people He created, that He set up very specific guidelines for them to follow.

Wouldn’t you do the same for your kids?  Wouldn’t you tell them how to live, and teach them how to follow what is right, and turn away from what is wrong?

And if you’re a kid reading this, don’t your parents make sure that you know right from wrong, and don’t they try to make sure you obey the guidelines, even when you don’t like it?

So when God said, “There’s this tree, in the garden, that I don’t want you to eat from…” He wasn’t trying to be mean.  Or uncaring.  Or hateful, or spiteful, or anything like that.  He was merely telling them the rules. Giving them boundaries, just like any good parent would do with their own children.

See, that’s what love is all about.  Providing the very best for the ones you love, and giving them the boundaries that are necessary.

So tonight, as you sleep, rest in the fact that you are being watched over by the One that cares about you more than anyone else in the world.

Peaceful dreams to all, and to all a good night.



1. Cindy Navarro - September 3, 2010

It is good to know your boundaries!! Only a cruel god would not tell you. We serve the one true God who loves us more than we can even imagine!!
Thanks for this reminder! Have a blessed night!

2. The Cookie Lady - September 3, 2010

Yes, Cindy, I agree so much! Most people think that God should just say, “Here ya go! Have at it! Have fun! Just don’t break anything!” and then turn His back and walk off. But that would be irresponsible, and God’s not like that at all.

I didn’t make a big point of it, but maybe I should have: God showed up in the garden every day, to interact with Adam and Eve. He didn’t just create it all, and then walk off! I think there are some people who think that God just put all of this out of His mind after He created it. Kinda like, “Okay, that’s done. Now on to something different!” NO! He didn’t do that! And He still doesn’t act like that with us today. He’s keenly interested in everything that goes on in our lives, because He LOVES us. (and I know you know that!)

Gosh, I’d better stop typing, or I’ll have another post in this comment, LOL!

Thanks, Cindy, for reading and for commenting. You’re awesome! You have a blessed night, too!

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