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A Hard Day for Noah August 11, 2016

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Uncategorized.

Our bedtime story continues.

God wasn’t the only one hurting.  When He shared with Noah His decision, it broke Noah’s heart as well.  Noah was in an area with other people.  People he knew.  Neighbors, and relatives, too.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.  Even great-grandparents that were still living.  See, people back then lived a really long time.  So he had lots of family members all around him.  (I would imagine birthday parties were really crowded back then.)

But this is what God said to Noah: “But with you will I establish my covenant; and you shall come into the ark, you, and your sons, and your wife, and your sons wives with you.”

Noah had to face the fact that all of his relatives were going to be destroyed along with the earth.  All of his cousins, all of his aunts and uncles, all the people he had known for his entire life.

He lived in a world filled with people.  And now?  There would only be 8 people left.

There is no record of Noah’s response to God when God told him the only people on the ark were going to be him and his wife, his sons and their wives.  But I’m sure Noah wasn’t happy about it.

Noah had made a choice to follow God and be obedient to God’s leading.  In our previous bedtime story, found here, we talked about what Noah was like.  We mentioned that he “walked with God.”  We don’t know for sure, but perhaps Noah watched his relatives and wondered why they didn’t walk with God.  Why didn’t they make the same choices that Noah had made?

We don’t know.  And we’ll never know.

But Noah made the choice to walk with God, and obey God. even though no one else did.  Plus, Noah made the choice to not judge his relatives, all those cousins and aunts and uncles that would not be in the ark with him and his wife and sons and sons’ wives.

It was a hard day for Noah.  And it would be followed by many more hard days after that.

There will be times in life when things will happen, and you won’t be able to explain them. There will be times in life when you will have a hard day, or a hard week, or even a hard year. But God is always there with you, even through the hardest of days, weeks, and even years.

And Father God understands your pain. So cling to Him, even when you don’t understand. Even when the day is hard.

Remember His Love for you, as you rest tonight.  G’night.




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