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Board by Board August 12, 2016

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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Greetings, and thanks for coming back to read some more of our story.

Noah has been given instructions by God to build a boat.  And not just any boat, but a very large boat.  God gave Noah the description of the boat, the dimensions of the boat, and how it was to be built.

It was to be three stories tall and have rooms. 1376180

It was to have one door.

It was to have one window.

It was to be coated with a substance so the water wouldn’t get in.

Do you think Noah was scared? Even though Noah trusted God, and was faithful to God, think about all he was going through.  God had just told him that since the world was full of evil, God was going to destroy all the living beings on the earth. This included all of Noah’s relatives that weren’t in his immediate family.

We don’t know if Noah thought about all of his relatives.  We don’t know if he cried for all the people who would be lost. We do know that Noah was considered a messenger of God, so we can believe that he wasn’t afraid to tell all the other people, including his relatives, that God was going to destroy all living beings because of the evil in the world.

So Noah built the ark, board by board.  And Noah delivered God’s message to all the people.

He worked.  He spoke. He worked. He spoke.  Board by board.  Word by word.

It wasn’t up to Noah to make the people believe.  It wasn’t his job to make the people repent.  He couldn’t force people to understand. He knew what was coming, and he did what he had been called to do.

But still, it must have been hard. These were people he knew, you know?

Sometimes, doing what God wants us to do is not easy. And God knows this.  And His heart aches for us when things get hard. But God gives us strength to get the job completed.

Board by board.

Think on the strength God gives you for each day you face.  Rest in knowing that He cares for you.

Sleep well tonight.




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