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About The Cookie Lady

I love telling stories…

I also love baking cookies, hence the name “The Cookie Lady,” but that’s not the point of this blog.

The Lord has laid it on my heart to share my thoughts about the greatest story ever told.  A lot of people think that the greatest story is the story of Jesus’ birth, death, and ressurection, and I wholeheartily agree!  BUT… Jesus has been around, involved in the story of man, for a lot longer than that.  So… I started back at the beginning of the whole story.

Actually, I started before the whole story of man began.

So this is a blog dedicated to the whole “bedtime” story, and while I may not be a great theologian, I know what this story means to me.

And I invite you to share in it with me.

Blessings to you as you sleep!  Good night!

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