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A Heart Deceived and A Choice Decided September 4, 2010

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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Time to turn the page, and begin the next chapter in our story of God’s Love for His children.

Well…. every good story has a Hero, a Villain, and Innocent People that get attacked in some way by the Villain.

And so it is, in this story.

Enter… the Villain. His name was… Serpent.

He was very sneaky, and cunning, and plotted his crime in the most wicked of ways.

He didn’t attack out in the open.  He didn’t punch anyone in the face.

He didn’t set a physical trap for the Innocent People, Adam and Eve, to fall into.  So there were no broken bones.

He didn’t come up from behind, and hit them over the head with a hammer, or a stick, or anything like that.

He attacked with words, very carefully chosen words.  That was his very sneaky plan.

But he didn’t talk to the leader first.  That would have been too easy for the Innocent People, Adam and Eve, to recognize as an attack.  Instead, he talked to the second person first.  He knew that if he could affect Eve, the biggest influence in Adam’s life, he could then influence Adam, who was the leader.

And so, he did.

Have you ever been tricked by someone?  Did the person tell you one thing, that sounded like the truth, and then you found out it wasn’t?  If you’ve ever been through that, then you know exactly what happened to our two Innocent People, Adam and Eve.

Serpent, sneaky and mean as he was, tricked Eve by using words that sounded like they were the truth.

First, he asked her a question, to see if there was a way to convince her of a lie:

“Hey… did God tell you to not eat from any tree in this beautiful garden?”

Do you know what Eve’s answer was?

“Well,” she said, “we can eat from any tree we want, except for one.  And THAT one we’re not even supposed to touch!”

But she didn’t have the story right.

God didn’t tell Adam they couldn’t touch that one tree.  All He said was, “Don’t eat anything from that tree.”

So… Eve didn’t understand the rules.  Or… maybe she didn’t know the rules — the boundaries — correctly.  See… Adam was told about that tree before Eve was created.  (Did Adam forget to tell her?)

Eve got confused.

And so, Serpent was able to lie to her, and tell her things that sounded really good, but what he told her got her into very deep trouble.

Now, Eve didn’t check out Serpent’s story.  She didn’t go to God and ask Him about it.  If she had, she would have found out that Serpent had lied to her.  She also didn’t go to Adam and ask him about it.  Instead, she gave Adam the fruit from the tree, the fruit they weren’t supposed to eat.

Well, Adam knew the rules, and he should have stopped Eve.  But… sadly… he didn’t.

Let’s think about those kickball teams we talked about the other night.  What happens when a team makes a mistake on the field?  Someone gets upset, and they start pointing the finger at someone else, saying it was their fault.  Or perhaps the mistake really was the fault of more than one person.  And then a whole bunch of team members get upset.

You know what?  Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whose fault it was.  The point is, a mistake was made, or a rule was broken.  And now, someone has to answer for it.

But one thing needs to be remembered here:  there were rules in the garden of Eden, rules that God had told to Adam (who then told them to Eve).  They were rules that He set in place to protect Adam and Eve, so they could enjoy all the wonder and the beauty He had created just for them.

Rules were created because God LOVED Adam and Eve.  They weren’t created out of meanness, but out of Love.

Are there rules in your life, that you know are there to protect you, to help you stay safe, but you’ve been breaking those rules anyway?  Has someone or something been telling you it’s okay to break the rules?

Maybe you need to rethink your response to those rules.

Has someone been telling you things that sound like the truth, but you’re not quite sure what the truth is?

Then maybe you need to talk to someone who can help you know what the truth is.

One thing’s for sure:  God doesn’t keep the truth from His children, because He loves them and wants them to be safe.

Think on this as you lay your head on your pillow.

Good night.


Still Preparing… September 15, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals, Journeys.
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I’m still preparing for the lighthouse run.

Even though…

I’ve been six weeks without exercise, and had six weeks of stressful situations on my plate, and it was all things I either couldn’t help or couldn’t avoid. 

I’ve been looking at the end result of six weeks without any forward progress.  And you know as well as I do, when you’re not moving forward, you’re actually moving backward instead of standing still.  So now doubt is trying to set in.  I’m thinking, Should I still do this thing? (more…)

God’s Recipe Book August 25, 2009

Posted by Michelle Knoll in Devotionals.
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A recently added friend on Facebook, Dan McGowan, made a comment this morning that got the ol’ gears to rollin’.  His comment was, “I thought YESTERDAY was the day the Lord had made. Turns out, it’s TODAY. Who knew?”  To which I replied, “Yeah, and a different recipe for EVERY day He makes. So just how big is His recipe book? Makes me wonder… hmmm…” (more…)